The SPD Board of management wants to try again, the controversial author and former Berlin Finance Senator of the party to exclude. A Commission had come to the conclusion that Sarrazin’s statements were not in line with the principles of the SPD to be compatible, and to add to the party’s “heavy damage,” said Secretary-General Lars klingbeil.

The party’s Executive at the end of August-appointed Commission had investigated Sarrazin’s book, “Hostile Takeover” and other writings and Interviews with the Ex-Federal banker and in Sarrazin’s populist theses some significant contradictions to be found the fundamental values of the SPD. In the five-person Commission, among other things, a member of the party, Gesine Schwan and former German justice Minister, Herta Däubler-Gmelin sat.

the results of The investigation will not publish the SPD for the time being. “The report is the subject of the ongoing proceedings,” said a party spokesperson. In addition, the duty of confidentiality applicable in the context of a party planning procedure.

The former German Bundesbank Board member Sarrazin in the SPD for a long time as hostile to Islam, is a party to the exclusion failed, however, in 2011, after the publication of his book “Germany abolishes itself”. The Federal government-the SPD and the other applicants had withdrawn their applications for the exclusion, after Sarrazin had pledged to comply with the principles of the party.

After Sarrazin had presented in the summer of his new book, had called on the SPD tip him to leave the party voluntarily. Sarrazin said at the time that he felt in the SPD’s “in good hands”.

The hurdles for a party of exclusion are generally high, so that it can’t be abused, unpopular people to get rid of.


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