Not only high school graduates with top grades is to be able in Germany to study medicine. The design for a state contract provides that the Minister of science, of the countries on Thursday in the conference of education Ministers (KMK) have agreed on.

Therefore to be able to pave the country in the future, professionally Qualified without high school diploma the path to medical school. This could be, for example, a paramedic.

Overall, there should be a completely new System of access to higher education in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and pharmacy.

A larger share of seats than it is today to remain in the one high-school graduates: The so-called Abitur best rate will be increased from 20 to 30 per cent. A new additional suitability ratio by which every tenth place should be assigned, but is open to applicants regardless of the Abinoten opportunities.

Currently, every year, around 11,000 of the 50,000 applicants will be admitted to study medicine at public universities. The Federal constitutional court had, on 19. December 2017, decided that the authorisation procedure is in part unconstitutional, and until the end of 2019, the new has to be regulated.

For applicants on waiting lists to exceptions

only a straight ” a ” high school graduates Today have almost a Chance for many apply times of up to a 15-week wait. The judge demanded, among other things, more transparent procedures, more comparability of the Abinoten and less waiting time.

The new regulations are designed to apply to the summer semester 2020. In particular, for applicants who are today on waiting lists, transition periods are planned. The design must be approved by a conference of Prime Ministers and the parliaments of the 16 Federal States.

To the crowds on the – measured as the number of applicants – in just a few study places, said Bavaria’s Minister of science Bernd Sibler (CSU), there is also a new study, this would create the courses. “A couple of Federal States to create the.” The agreement on the draft Treaty will show, moreover, that federalism is not working. Saxony’s Minister of science Eva-Marie Stange (SPD), explained also in the context of state elections could be ratified in a country hardly state contracts – including, therefore, the state not bring contracts on the way.


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