The policeman surprised Jamal Hashem in his sleep On 6. November, it broke at six o’clock in the morning in his apartment in Izmir. The officers arrested him in front of the eyes of his wife and three children, brought him to the station.

Hashem, a war refugee from Damascus, lived for five years in Izmir, a port city in the southwest of Turkey. He made his living as a day labourer on construction sites and in factories. Later, in the mid-fifties, went back to his family. He sent his children to school, hoping for a future in Turkey or in Europe.

First acquittal, then Deportation

Now, however, the Turkish authorities, to support terrorism accused him. Although a court has spoken Hashem of the allegations. Nevertheless, the security forces deported him to Syria.

Since one and a half months of Hashem is firmly seated in the province of Idlib, in the North-West of Syria. The father of a family takes care of his wife and children, left behind in Turkey. He would like to as quickly as possible back to Izmir, which is why he has chosen a Pseudonym.

Hashem is not the only Syrians who may have been deported illegally in his home country. Human Rights Watch reported already in the last spring of the mass deportations in the war zone. Several Thousand Syrians had been made from the Turkish-Syrian border region illegally to Syria. Ankara denies the allegations.

tensions between Syrians and Turks to take

Turkey is home to 3.6 million Syrians – more than any other country. The government under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has spent for the accommodation and care of the new arrivals according to their own information 25 billion euros.

in the Meantime, however, the mood changes. The economic situation has deteriorated. Many Turks migrants as competitors on the labour market. To researchers at the liberal think tank Center for American Progress complained that eight out of ten respondents, Ankara, spend a lot of money for the Refugees.

tensions between Syrians and Turks. In the vicinity of Izmir Syrians had to be from a district evacuated after there had been violent protests by local residents.

includes the Ministry of the interior single refugee camp

Erdogan has taken place in the migration policy of long-turn – on pressure of the Europeans, who are constantly calling for more foreclosure. He has on the border with Syria, a wall is build, the refugees it is almost impossible to escape the war. The Ministry of the interior has now also individual a refugee camp close to save money.

Erdogan would get rid of the refugees, preferably as quickly as possible. His government is making efforts through various programs to convince Syrians, on a voluntary basis in your home to relocate, especially in those cities and municipalities in the North, controlled by the Turkish military, together with the Free Syrian army (FSA).

In the Istanbul district of Esenyurt, in the many Syrians live, has the management of a separate Department, which takes care of the potential returnees. According to the defense Ministry of the 260,000 people in the Region have returned to the city Dschrabulus.

Turkey has partially ceased to register refugees

Theoretically, Syrians in Turkey are under so-called temporary protection, can therefore not be deported. In practice, however, refugee helpers, criticize migrants would be brought back regularly to Syria – for example, by using fictitious declarations of consent. According to Human Rights Watch, Turkey has ceased in part to register refugees, which facilitates deportations.

There is no evidence about how many refugees were deported against their will to Syria. Jamal Hashem says that he was hit in Idlib on dozens of Syrians from the South-West Turkey, where it had fared with him. Refugee workers in Istanbul and Ankara, reports of similar incidents.

Should evidence arise that would the the refugee deal between Turkey and the EU is undermined. The Europeans send for 2016, the refugees of the Greek Islands back to Turkey in the assumption that they will find protection. Even now, many are stopped rendition of the Greek courts. Forced deportations to Syria would ramponieren the Image of Turkey as a safe third country for refugees.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.