the new year in the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, to admire, and much that is New. In addition to the traditional new year’s eve fireworks, a big concert under the open sky with a laser show was held for the first time. But, above all, the new year’s address of leader Kim Jong-Un was this Time unusual.

Rather than to speak from a Podium, a series of microphones, a flag of the North Korean workers ‘ party – sat Kim on a wide leather chair. Behind him, a wall of books, covered, on a fireplace mantel, a clock ticked. The otherwise preferred Mao suit, Kim had exchanged for a dark suit with a bright tie. It looked more like a fireside chat because, as the speech of a Communist leader.

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In a country where the Propaganda leaves nothing to chance, such Externals are important. The message that emanated from these pictures, is probably: Here is a serious discussion partner, a statesman is sitting.

“Kim wants North Korea to present as modern and normal. He tried to show that North Korea is not a backward, hermetically sealed-off Kingdom more,” says Duyeon Kim, a specialist at the Center for a New American Security in Washington D. C.

Although Kim is in his traditional new year address – the father, Kim Il Sung began his major, his father, Kim Jong Il avoided, and the son revived, especially to his own people. A large part of his speech he devoted to this year’s economic issues. The portraits of father and grandfather in the Background should probably also claim to the power of his family.

But he also formulated clear messages in the direction of South Korea and the United States. Kim, in particular, for further negotiations over his country’s nuclear program.

He was ready, U.S. President Donald Trump “at any time” and to improve relations with the United States, said Kim. His offer, he combined, however, with a clear announcement to a threat that if the US government sanctions and more pressure, will it stop the rapprochement policy.

Literally, he said: “If the US does not meet your in front of the whole world, made promises, our patience a false assessment and sanctions and pressure means to hold, to force things unilaterally, we probably have no other choice than a new way to explore.”

Kim confirmed, what is emphasized Pyongyang in the past few months, again and again: He calls for an end to the sanctions for his country. Currently, the criminal measures affect around 90 per cent of the exports of North Korea. And he accuses Washington, Commitments, and to bring Pyongyang unilaterally to disarm.

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signed under Trump and Kim, at their summit in Singapore to clarify last June, an agreement on nuclear disarmament, but without many Details. Kim, again, the formulation of Singapore repeated now, that the island aiming for the “complete denuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang will not produce nuclear weapons. At the same time, he, however, urged by Washington “appropriate steps”, without being more specific.

The U.S. government will agree to easing sanctions, but only if Pyongyang shows other measures, such as a listing of the nuclear Arsenal, or an inspection by international observers. The U.S. government imposed in mid-December even more sanctions against three members of the North Korean leadership, including a close adviser to Kim. They would have enforced the brutal, state-mandated censorship and human rights violations committed, reasoned the U.S. Department of the Treasury the decision.

Despite the stalled talks on the North Korean nuclear program also Trump had confirmed at the beginning of December, to want to be Kim again to meet and at the beginning of 2019.

Likely to be a Visit of great symbolic significance is that Kim visited before, the South Korean capital of Seoul.

Formally, both Korean States since the Korean war of 1950 to 1953 is still in a state of war. In the past year, but especially on the Initiative of the South Korean President, Moon Jae-in has taken place-In a remarkable approach, also stressed that Kim in his new year’s speech several times. The heads of state of both countries met in 2018 to three peaks and reaffirmed their commitment to reconciliation.

military de-escalation was agreed: guard posts were destroyed and the mines are cleared. 26. December brought the two countries symbolically the restoration of its rail and road links across the border. However, it is likely to remain for the time being, in the case of this ceremony, because of the UN sanctions against North Korea, no further Work may proceed.

the new year’s address, Kim Jong-reflected the political situation: reconciliation with South Korea, a more difficult relationship with the United States – although not nearly as full of conflict, like a year ago. Therefore, also the sound is in addition to the Format of this year’s speech much more moderate. Because at the beginning of 2018 Kim threatened: “The whole of the United States lie within reach of our nuclear weapons, and on my Desk a nuclear button.”

Even if the North Korean Propaganda now has very cleverly worked – perfectly it is not, like the German North Korea expert and Professor at the University of Vienna, Rüdiger Frank, noted. “The new year’s speech lasted 31 minutes,” he wrote on Twitter. “But someone had set up behind Kim. It was 12:03 when the speech began, and 12:55 when it ended. That makes it 21 missing minutes…”

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