A Party of the year is: new year’s eve. Some cheer months in advance this evening. Others are happy if the senseless pounding and the prescribed Celebration is finally over. However, no matter whether new year’s eve-muffle, or expert, at the turn of the year, no one. Our new year’s eve-rate encoder shows how you can arm yourself to the best.

when may be geböllert?

that depends on what you want to ignite. Table fireworks and the pop of peas, for example, fall in the category I of the fireworks and may be used throughout the year. In the case of rockets and firecrackers. You may only let the new year will rise, in General, between the 31. December, at 0 a.m., and the 1. January 24 at. Cities and municipalities can, however, prescribe other times. Who wants to stock up weeks before the new year with rockets, has bad luck. The sale is only allowed on the last three shopping days of the year, so this year on 28., 29. and 31. December.

where does the Name new year’s eve?

The last day of the year has been laid in the past thousands of years. For the ancient Romans, for example, began the year on 1. March – whenever the high officials took up your post. The Christians celebrated the end of the year changes on 5. January, the day that Jesus was baptised, on may 24. December, the day of his birth.

In 1582, was the confusion finally end. With the introduction of the Gregorian calendar, the 31. December as the last day of the year. The date is the day of remembrance for Pope Sylvester I., who died in the year 335 in Rome on may 31. December. Hence the Name new year’s eve, which means “forest man”.

Why is at all geböllert?

even before the Christianization of the people made it to the 31. December noise, to expel evil spirits. Because the Church could not displace the custom, he was taken up short hand to the Repertoire – the also the conversion easier.

In the middle ages, bells rang in new year’s eve, the Church, the people drummed on pots and pans or making noise with rattles, and the hunters were firing their guns. Fireworks was initially reserved for the nobility, because missiles were extremely expensive. This is different today. Also in this year the Germans will spend an estimated 120 million Euro for new year’s eve fireworks.

How dangerous are the rockets and fireworks?

When the firecrackers may be a lot to go wrong, especially if the fireworks are not approved or not properly used. Last year, 19 died-Year-old from Brandenburg, as he wanted to ignite a self-made fireworks. Again and again it comes to injuries to the eyes or hands. Alone, the accident hospital in Berlin, supplied in a new year’s eve night, an average of 50 injuries were caused by fireworks. “The patients come in with severed fingers, burns, fractures and soft tissue injuries to the hands,” says Andreas iron Schenk, head of the Department for Hand-, Replantations – and microsurgery at the unfallkrankenhaus Berlin.

So the fireworks will be safe:

Use only products that have the CE mark, or a number of the Federal office for material research and testing (BAM). Firecrackers never in the Hand kindle. After Ignition of at least eight meters at a distance. Never to people or animals goals. Fireworks not directly to the body, but for example in a bag or a carton. Firecrackers, not exploded, not even light. Even if it may fall on new year’s eve hard: Not drunk firecrackers. Make sure that the rocket upon Ignition can not tip over.

How much the environment suffers from?

rocket sticks, packaging, firecrackers radicals: The Pop on new year’s eve leaves a lot of garbage. In Munich alone, the street cleaning collected in the past year, 50 tons of new year’s eve drop. Firecrackers waste in the residual waste. Dud should be immersed half an hour in water and then disposed of. By the moisture the black powder is made harmless.

With the missiles, and any amount of fine dust rises in the sky. Just in inner cities, up to 1000 micrograms on the night of the new year’s eve fine dust per cubic meter of air measured. In excess of the EU limit value, clearly, is 25 micrograms per cubic meter.

How much of a strain, however, depends primarily on the weather. In the case of sufficient Wind, the daily limits will be complied with in most cities. In addition, the burden from fine dust is falling in the new year’s eve night after a few hours. A total of two percent of the people come made of fine dust emissions in the annual average of the missiles. Read more about it here.

How to get the most firecrackers fun for the money?

“I recommend the Swiss volcanoes,” says Dirk Abolins by the Association for pyrotechnics, and Art of fireworks. “The cost is usually around ten euros and their price is absolutely worth it. The effects are spectacular, and the sparks rise up to six meters high.”

rockets must contain in Germany a maximum of 20 grams of powder. Good copies starting at about 1.50 euros. However, the Exterior will only tell little about the quality of the rocket. “The more powder per effect is used, the higher the service time, and Fullness in the sky,” explained Abolins. The values are on the packaging, as most of the NEM or the NEC-specified. Spectacular as a single rocket was so-called battery factory, which may contain up to 500 grams of powder.

Good firecrackers are loud Abolins difficult. “The broken saved,” says the technician. A so-called ham, a carton made from 80 firecrackers, was already on the market for five to six euros. “But usually only two grams of black powder per firecracker, would be allowed three times,” complained Abolins. Meanwhile, there is also stronger Retro-firecrackers, which cost between 40 and 45 euros per ham. For more recommendations, see here and here.

How Fido comes well into the new year?

The noise and the flash of fireworks light Hautieren afraid to make many. Owners should leave the animals alone and give them a safe place to offer, such as a darkened room. Anyone who wants to calm down his dog, with constant Petting, you can achieve precisely the opposite. Namely, when the animal sees the grant as praise for the fearful behavior. In extreme cases, the veterinarian may prescribe also sedative drugs.

What helps best against hangover on new year’s day?

With simple Tricks is the hum skull on 1. January prevent them: drink every glass of alcohol, the same amount of water, enough food and, if possible, in the case of an alcohol places to stay. The damage is already done, help is usually only patience and calm. A sufficient amount of liquid, and a sour-salty foods can alleviate the symptoms however. Pain pills are not the best solution, because they burden the stomach and liver in addition.

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