North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un threatens in the dispute on the nuclear weapons programme of his country and a shift away from the approach course, if the USA hold on to their sanctions. In his new year’s address, Kim reiterated on Tuesday the intention to join the nuclear disarmament and the continuation of the summit diplomacy with the US. In addition, he stressed that US President Donald Trump hit at any time. But he accused Washington of wanting Commitments, and do not abide by Pyongyang’s unilateral disarmament steps to be squeezed out.

“If the US does not meet your in front of the whole world, made promises, our patience a false assessment and sanctions and pressure means to hold, to force things unilaterally, we probably have no other choice than a new way to explore,” said Kim on state television. In addition, he demanded that the military maneuvers of the U.S. are completed with South Korea, and no strategic weapons from abroad are likely to be brought to the Korean Peninsula.

As of the indicated “new way” might look like, Kim. He continued, but the growing criticism of Pyongyang of the sanctions policy of the USA in the past few weeks. In a dark suit-clad rulers did during his speech in a large chair in a work room or a library and read, in part, on slips of paper.

The negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang are driven to the intermediate signals of hope again. The US government wants to hold on to their own criminal actions as well as the UN-sanctions against the Communist leadership of North Korea until this concrete disarmament steps.

Pyongyang, in turn, had been tested to the information of state media, in November last year, a new high-tech weapon. And the “think-tank Center for Strategic and International Studies” had reported in March 2018 of at least 13 secret missile installations in North Korea. Satellite images show that most of these facilities are in hard-to-reach mountain regions.

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New peak at the beginning of the year?

In his historic summit meeting with Trump in June in Singapore, Kim had stressed his willingness to “complete denuclearization”. However, concrete Commitments, to when the nuclear weapons Arsenal will be disposed of and how the services of the United States might look like, were so far. The guides in both countries currently striving for a further summit at the beginning of this year.

He had the firm intention of a “new relationship” with the United States to build and establish lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula, said Kim. The United States should “on our active efforts with credible steps and corresponding performance responses,” he said. After the great tensions in 2017 due to the many missile tests and another nuclear test by North Korea, Kim was more conciliatory in his new year’s address of last year, sounds. Also with South Korea, North Korea entered a new Phase of cooperation and reconciliation.

In South Korea turned Kim called for even closer cooperation. His country was ready to support the operation of a joint industrial Park, as well as the joint programme for tours to the Kumgang mountains on the East coast. Both projects were set up in the past few years, in view of the increasing tensions. A resumption of the sanctions against Pyongyang are in the way.

on Sunday known Writing, according to Kim Jong-Un wants to travel in the new year for the first time for talks in the South Korean capital, Seoul. He regretted that he had not come in the end of the year, as agreed in Seoul, writes Kim in the letter to the South Korean President, Moon Jae In. Kim expressed his “strong determination” to do this in the new year. He hope to have frequent Meetings with the Moon in the new year.


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