US President Donald Trump has been in the struggle for power in Venezuela is once again behind the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó. With a view to the new demonstrations against the head of state, Nicolás Maduro Trump on Twitter, wrote: “the fight for freedom has begun!”

Of the “freedom” speech on Wednesday also Guaidó: “It is our duty to restore a state of normality is to build – in the advanced and wealthy country that we all dream of,” he wrote in a guest post for the “New York Times”. “But first we need to get our freedom back.”

In Venezuela, a power raging battle between Maduro and Guaidó, who had declared a week ago to the transitional President. He wants to push Maduro from office and new elections exclaim. Supported the 35-Year-old from the United States, many Latin American and European countries.

since 2013, President Maduro accuses the US a coup attempt. He can count on China, Russia and its allies in Cuba, Bolivia and Nicaragua. In addition, the leadership of the country is extremely influential members of the military supports him currently.

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Maduro’s time from the course, he had no longer the support of the people, wrote Guaidó now in the “NYT”. In order to make the withdrawal Maduros with a Minimum of bloodshed, needed to act in Venezuela is United, wrote Guaidó. “We need the support of the democracy friendly governments, institutions and individuals around the world.”

For the exchange, there is a need also the support of the military. “We had a secret Meeting with members of the armed and security forces”, – stated in the article. To All those who have not been convicted for crimes against humanity, had been offered Amnesty. Such a criminal Guaidó had let weeks ago (more on the important role of the military in Venezuela’s fight, click here).

More on the topic of fight with Guaidó makes the generals Maduro Keep the faith?

On Wednesday went to Caracas again many people are against Maduro on the road. Waving Venezuelan flags, and showed a Transparent with the inscription “freedom” and “Respect human rights”.

At a protest March in the Central University in Caracas Guaidó said Venezuela was a dictatorship. “We want to takeover for an end to the unauthorized power and new elections.” He called on the military to switch sides, and the much-needed humanitarian aid to the country.

in the face of the poaching and the growing pressure from Washington Maduro, swore attempts of the soldiers to the defence of the country. “I call on the armed forces to a major military renewal, to ensure that the North-American imperialism has never set foot on our territory,” he said on Wednesday during a troop visit.

mediation attempt by Mexico and Uruguay

Mexico and Uruguay to pursue in conflict is a policy of non-interference and neutral. Now the governments of the two countries, invited on Wednesday to an international conference, a dialogue between the government and the Opposition in Venezuela.

To the Meeting at 7. November in the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo to representatives of countries and organization who share this attitude. “The aim of the conference is to lay the basis for new discussions between all the forces in Venezuela, and to achieve stability and peace for this country,” said a statement from the Mexican foreign Ministry.


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