The vote was in the end clearly: In New York 181 of the 193 member States of the UN have agreed to the General Assembly a refugee Pact. Only the United States and Hungary voted against. Three States abstained, the other countries stayed away from the meeting.

The vote took place only a week after the adoption of the controversial UN-Migrationspakts in Morocco. The agreed Pact to help poor countries, particularly many of the refugees. In the legally non-binding agreement, amongst other things, to access to schools and health care.

The of to to distinctive UN-migration Pact, in turn, help to organize Migration and to protect migrant workers from exploitation.

most of The refugees according to the UN in Turkey, in Pakistan, Uganda and Lebanon. Also, Germany is one of the ten countries hosting the most refugees.

“Ultimately, every country can decide for themselves how much the Migration allows” REUTERS, architect of the UN Migrationspakts: “False Fears, false hopes”

representatives of right-wing parties, and bearing part, were made against the Convention mood. Nationalists, populists and extreme-Right would have incorrectly disseminated information about the Pact, informed the Norwegian refugee assistance (NRC). The Pact is but the attempt of fleeing people, “in a civilized manner and protect it with some sense,” tweeted NRC Secretary General Jan Egeland.

In Germany, had attacked the AfD after a sharp debate on the migration Pact the refugee Pact. The right-wing populists warned of “irresponsible plans”. Urgency to the Federal constitutional court in Karlsruhe, in order to prevent the German adoption of the two covenants that were previously failed.

by the end of 2017, there were according to the United Nations in the world 68.5 million refugees, of which about 40 million Displaced people were in their own country.


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