In the fight against extradition to the United States has made Kim Dotcom, according to a number of legal Slippers a success. The Supreme court of new Zealand ruled on Thursday that except for the appeals against the extradition, and said the 44-Year-old the right to.

In July, it looked not so good for the entrepreneurs: The Supreme court of appeal had confirmed two Judgments, according to which a delivery of the controversial businessman and three of his former colleagues would be lawful. In contrast, dotcom’s legal team to the Supreme court of justice had lodged a Protest.

observers now expect that the hearing will be held before the Supreme Court in 2019. The as Kim Schmitz was born in Kiel and since 2010 in new Zealand living Dotcom is fighting since 2012, against a delivery. The US prosecutors accuse the founder of the file-sharing platform Megaupload and its employees, among other things, Copyright-in front of large-scale fraud and money laundering.

In February of 2017, was a new Zealand court, Dotcom may be extradited to the USA – not because of copyright violations, but because of the fraud. Him and his colleagues in the United States, the process should be made and you are found guilty, you will face several decades behind bars.


With Megaupload generated Dotcom and his partners millions in revenue from advertising and customer subscriptions. Court records indicate that ranked Megaupload temporarily on place 13 of the most popular sites and caused at the time, four percent of all Internet traffic.


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