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A high-ranking North Korean Diplomat has requested, according to Reports from Italy asylum . The interim Ambassador to Pyongyang in Rome, Jo Song Gil , I have made the request for an unknown Western country, reported the South Korean newspaper “JoongAng Ilbo”, citing unnamed diplomatic sources. He wouldn’t be the first high-ranking representatives of the Communist country, the reverses of his leadership in the back. Most recently , the former North Korean Deputy Ambassador to London, Thae Yong Ho began to set. The asylum request of Jos had been made in December, the newspaper reported. The 48-year-old Diplomat will be protected in a “safe place”. The South Korean news Agency Yonhap reported, without stating the sources, Jos family currently under the protection of the Italian authorities. The information could be niches, the South Korean secret service or other Agencies will not be confirmed, said a spokeswoman for the unification Ministry in Seoul. “We are currently Investigating.” Jo had started his Post in October 2017, after the Italian government had expelled his predecessor, Mun Jong Nam as a Protest against a North Korean nuclear test in the country. Jo was a “son or son-in-law” one of the highest-ranking North Korean cadres , says the report, citing an unnamed expert on North Korea. 1/3/19 5:00 AM Good Morning, dear readers. Welcome to today’s “Tomorrow”Blog, in the case of MIRROR ONLINE. I join you today at the Start in the day with the most important news and the other network discovery – if you have any questions or suggestions, write to me like under marius.mestermann@spiegel.de or via Twitter. Let’s go! Show more We Liveblog Software

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