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It is the dream of every spy, and a nightmare for privacy : A serious Software error in the Apple Software FaceTime allows callers to activate the microphone of the other iPhones before the Callee has declined . While the phone is ringing, callers can hear already what is happening on the other side. But that’s not all: If the User button to reject the call over to the Standby, start the iPhone even to transfer a live image . The Bug uncovered by the Tech-Portal “9to5mac”, meanwhile, other media like the “Guardian” and “The Verge have been able to reconstruct” the Problem. Apple has responded to demand from Reuters with the announcement, “to be published in the course of the week,” an Update. Until then, the User can disable the video chat Software under settings –> FaceTime . 1/29/19 5:00 AM Good Morning, dear readers, and welcome to today’s Blog. I have a lot of exciting messages and curious finds for you – take a look at what happens here for the next three hours. If you have any questions you can reach me at marius.mestermann@spiegel.de or via Twitter . Show more We Liveblog Software

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