The “Huff Post Germany” 31. March 2019 is set. This is the publishing house Burda Forward said in a press release. Burda had operated the German license edition of the “Huffington Post” since October 2013. Publisher’s Cherno needs of an aging society, the Position of the editor-in-chief was last vacant.

The “Huffington Post” did after its establishment in the United States as a politically liberal news Website new type of sensation, personified by the editor-in-chief and namesake, Arianna Huffington. In 2011, a global Expansion began, usually in cooperation with national media houses – in France, with “Le Monde” as a Partner, in Spain, with “El País”. For Germany, together with the former Burda, a subsidiary of Tomorrow Focus.

The “Huff Post Germany” can be understood as “information and discussion platform,” which promised its users the “opportunity to participate” – “as a reader, author, commentator, or distributor”.

publisher Cherno needs of an aging society

Tanja of Waldeck from the Burda Forward Executive Board, the managing Director of the “Huff Post Germany”, said she was “very proud of the development in the last five years”. A reason for this they are not called in the message.

thanked to Waldeck “to the entire Team for the great commitment and passion”. For the 13 employees affected by the closure, would individually looking for solutions to remain at Burda forward. An assignment or license of the Huff Post to a different media companies in Germany was not planned.


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