The CSU wants to provide a newspaper to be a regular discharge of the citizens in taxes and levies. “We want that in the future every year on the basis of the early spring-tax estimate for concrete measures to be taken to make the tax burden on the people will not continue to rise,” citing the “world on Sunday” a paper for the three-day closed meeting of the CSU land group in the Bundestag from the 3. January.

With the appropriate intake location would need to be implemented to relief. The CSU speak of a “tax brake for the middle of the society”.

In addition, the CSU will commit to the legislature that new spending has to be weighed against relief. “Each new issue must show that it works better as a relief.”

Auto children money

taxpayers should be relieved of bureaucratic procedures. The CSU, before floating a “tax Declaration with a single click,” according to “world on Sunday”. “That’s why we want the financial authorities, taxpayers in the future, the annual tax Declaration completely filled in, so it must be controlled in a rule, only on correctness and completeness, and then ,with a click,’ share,” the newspaper quoted from the CSU Plan.

Also applying for the child benefit, wants to eliminate the CSU. Parents from the birth of her children entitled to this benefit. “We therefore call for a motion-free process,” it says.

The CSU land group in the Bundestag meets from 3. to 5. January in the upper Bavarian town of Seeon, where the plans are discussed.


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