A word game, a promising Chapter in the U.S. press history is over: The newspaper “Uranus Examiner” from the state of Missouri after a few months, and five editions of the operation. The editor-in-chief Natalie Sanders and editor of Louie Keen informed. Now that the sheet no longer exists, there are in the district of Pulaski not a newspaper.

The “Uranus Examiner” was founded in September, to inherit the “Waynesville Daily Guide”. The newspaper had been discontinued. The successor of the sheet should provide citizens weekly with local news and tourism. Optionally, a shake of the head, indignation or amusement, triggered, however, the choice of name “Uranus Examiner”.

The place will would be pronounced, “like any class clown, holding on to something, say it,” wrote the Associated Press news Agency, as the leaf at the Start. In the English Uranus “sounds like” in fact, very similar to “Your anus” (“your Anus”). That this locality with “Examiner” – literally translates as “investigators” – have been combined, paved the way for all sorts of adolescent jokes. The “Guardian” kalauerte, for example, the name of the new newspaper would have to digest a lot of “first times”.

Luge Hardman, mayor of the neighboring town of Waynesville, said the “hidden allusions” to the Name, would bring “public ridicule”. So she was probably quite wrong.

Sanders, who was responsible for once the “Daily Guide”, and Keen powers of narrow-minded contemporaries for the downfall of the leaf responsible. The “Uranus Examiner” have had many hundreds of supporters. But banks would have given the sheet, no credit, and companies no Ads, because Keen is said to have once owned a strip club.

Uranus is a little Town on Route 66, in the case of tourists because of its oddities popular, such as the world’s largest belt buckle or a Axtwurf system. On the tourism website of the place it is, and to Uranus, there is a lot to do.


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