you Can perform a successful Football season, a season later, again the same way? As a piece of theatre that is re-staged, would it? The Fans in Philadelphia believe it, at least. If it should succeed, your club is a Problem – even if it seems like a luxury problem.

last Sunday, only a few centimeters were missing, and the Philadelphia Eagles were the reigning Super Bowl winner early from the title race. Cody Parkey from the opposing Team, the Chicago Bears took in the final seconds of the decisive Kick. However, the former Eagles player failed on the left of the Goalpost, and extended with the post shot unintentionally, a modern fairy-tale for another Chapter.

a year Ago, the Philadelphia Eagles won with a substitute Quarterback Nick Foles the title in the National Football League. The number one, Carson Wentz, had suffered three weeks before the Playoffs with a torn cruciate ligament. So Foles ran had to and led the club as the Underdog in the Super Bowl.

Carson Wentz remains the number one of the Trainer

There became Foles to be the most important players, the so-called MVP (Most Valuable Player). Never before had succeeded a Quarterback to throw a Touchdown Pass in the same final of a major championship on the North American continent and to catch.

in Spite of the first win of the Super Bowl for nearly fifty years, head coach Doug Pederson made it clear that a healthy Carson Wentz continues to be the Boss on the field. Foles was the Eagles still faithful and extended his contract by one year plus one year Option.

In the third week of the current season reported Wentz finally fit and led the Team through the bumpy months. As it caught Wentz again in December – now with a back injury – were moved to the Playoffs in the distance. Games against the top teams from Los Angeles and Houston. Even with three Wins in the three remaining games, one had to rely on the misfortune of at least one of the competitors.

Under pressure, Foles has its Strengths

Four weeks later, the faith of the Fans is stronger than ever to Foles. Especially under pressure, he acted after his return, more effective than Wentz. Less Sacks and turnovers were the result. Against Houston, he collected, with a 471 Passing Yards, a club record, against Washington, he set the conclusion of the regular season with 25 consecutive successful passes in an NFL-best brand.

Foles is an avowed Christian, studying at the theology and can imagine to work after his career as a Pastor. The Fans call him “Holy Nick”.

That, he decided last spring, for the renewal of the contract came as a surprise to some experts. On the other hand, Foles deserves to be in this season, the office premiums of $ 14 million.

Nick Foles after winning the Super Bowl

The Eagles are in a quandary: Should they sell Foles or – for a lot of money – keep?

they Extend Foles’ contract for a year, increased his salary to 20 million euros. The Eagles would then start with two high-paid Quarterbacks (Wentz 8.5 million dollars) earned in the next season and the salary cap of the League for the next season to tear.

Foles would have even the possibility of an even better Option for yourself negotiate: If he pays the premium in the amount of two million, which he received for the renewal of the contract, he would be free again and could negotiate in the spring with any other club. If he did that? The response of the Association can only speculate.

on the Other hand, it could be Foles, leading the Eagles to victory. On Sunday, New Orleans is waiting for the title defender. Against the Saints Holy Nick” six years ago, suffered “his only Playoff defeat. Foles knows that he Brings, the Eagles once again to win the title, you could give the Fans his departure.

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