It is a solemn warning: “I ask all, who are still free to take this message seriously and to flee as quickly as possible from the Republic. (…) Please be careful and leave the Republic as soon as possible.” The message comes from the end of last week, posted in the Russian Facebook Alternative, Vkontakte, in the group called the Aul, including homosexuals anonymous exchange.

There is talk of a “further is wave of Chechen boys and girls”. Also in other groups in social media have been released, according to the Kremlin-critical newspaper “Novaya Gazeta”, such notes.

activist Igor Kochetkov of the organization “LGBT-network”, which fights for the rights of Homosexuals in Russia, called on Monday for Details. He turned in a Video to the Public. It bears the title: “In Chechnya, to be killed again Gay”. Kochetkov speaks in the fact that about 40 persons have been taken since the end of December in Russia’s Muslim province in the Caucasus, both men and women. “At least two people died as a result of torture.”

strikes and power surges in the prison

The arrests began, the activists say that after the 29. December. On this day the Administrator of a VKontakte had been taken a group of homosexual men exchanging in the North Caucasus. The police had found him a phone book with contacts.

The arrested were brought to the information of the NGO in a prison in the town of Argun, about 20 kilometers East of Grozny. It’s supposed to be the building that already in 2017, dozens of gay days, some even months, detained and maltreated. Witnesses had reported the “Novaya Gazeta”, as they were tortured with blows, sticks and electric shocks.

From spring to summer of 2017 were taken approximately 200 Gay, at least three have been killed, says activist Kochetkov in the Video. In the pursuit of the Homosexual police, national guard and high-ranking officials were involved in Chechnya. Police officers would do everything they can to pursued men and women could not leave the Republic. You will be taken away, therefore, the passports and, with court proceedings threatened. In addition, you will be forced to blank forms to sign, the officials in your sense, later will be able to complete a further means of exerting pressure.

persecution has never ceased to be

The revelations in the “Novaya Gazeta” and human rights activists about the persecution of Homosexuals had a horror two years ago, in the world. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Vladimir Putin spoke on the topic. Moscow was forced to close because of the pressure to open an investigation. However, this was never led to serious criticism of human rights activists. Moscow, the Chechen ruler Ramzan Kadyrov and his security apparatus continues to grant.

in the past few months, it had increased again and again, individual reports of arrests, extortion, and torture of Homosexuals. “The persecution of men and women, suspected to be gay, has never stopped. Only the scale has changed,” says kotchetkov. His organization has already brought about 150 people from Chechnya in safety, “LGBT-network” also set up a Hotline to help those Affected.

Gay, it is not formally

homosexuals apply in Chechnya “harmful elements”, as expressed by the activist. Gay men are seen as a disgrace for the whole family. Many homosexuals remain silent out of fear of humiliation and violence committed by relatives. There are always reports of “honour killings”, in which Gay men by their relatives to be killed.

The Regime in Chechnya denies the persecution of Homosexuals – and does this in a cynical way. “With us, there are no such people at all. We have no Gay. And if they are, take them with you to Canada, far away from us so that our blood is cleaned,” explained in July 2017 dictator Kadyrov. The United States put him on the so-called Magnizkij-list, which has an entry ban and freezing of Accounts. Then Facebook Kadyrov’s Profiles with a million followers has been blocked, also on Instagram – a humiliation for the despot who sat in the network, like in the scene.

Kadyrov’s spokesman, Alwi Karimov, on Monday to the news Agency Interfax, the new reports about the persecution of Homosexuals as “total lies”. No one had been detained in Chechnya on suspicion of homosexuality, he claimed.

come to The organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in December, in a report to a different conclusion. The brutal persecution is documented on Homosexuals to 35 pages.


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