NC Dinos hurler Drew Luchinsky is pitching in a baseball game. The team’s sponsors are featured on his cap and uniform, which include ABL Life and NH Card. Photo courtesy of the Korea Baseball League

Sponsors of KBO champ NC Dions enjoy great promotional effects: expert

Earlier this week, the NC Dinos defeated the Doosan Bears in the best-of-the-seven Korean Series to become the 2020 victors of the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) league.

The exploits sparked a frenzy of fans, who have waited for the team’s first championship in the franchise’s eight-year history as the NC Dinos started to compete in the KBO league in 2013.

There are others who vehemently rooted for the triumph of the NC Dinos _ the sponsors who can enjoy great promotional effects when their team wins out.

Included in the sponsors of the NC Dinos are the country’s major card issuer NH Card, spirit maker Hite-Jinro, regional bank BNK, and insurance company ABL Life.

“Such companies as NH Card and ABL Life are hidden winners of the 2020 KBO league. They have been exposed via TV or internet as the main sponsors of the winning team,” sports marketing expert Kim Hyoung-yong said.

“In particular, this year’s sponsorship hit the jackpot because the KBO league won the global attention after foreign baseball leagues were hindered by the virus pandemic.”

NH Card was a sleeve sponsor of the NC Dinos, while ABL Life was the team’s cap sponsor.

As Kim pointed out, the KBO maintained a 144-game regular-season schedule as South Korea managed the outbreak of the novel coronavirus better than most other countries.

The KBO started the season in May, and the games were broadcast across the world as COVID-19 shut down top-level sports in other places, including the United States.

The Major League Baseball games started in July, but the MLB season was eventually shortened.

“I don’t know how much they paid to sign the sponsorship agreements with the NC Dinos. But the decision would be very lucrative in consideration of promotional effects,” Kim said.

“Sponsors of the NC Dinos would savor positive sentiments from the public on top of the improved royalty of their employees. Working for a brand with a logo featured prominently at the baseball champion team would make the brand’s employees feel very proud.”

The publisher studied Korean history in Seoul and management of business administration in the United Kingdom. He has 20-year experiences in the media business. Kim can be reached at voc200@gmail.com or 82-2-6956-6698.