Shown above is the head office of the National Information Society Agency in Daegu. The agency will open data sets to enable massive AI learning. Photo courtesy of NIA

Korean government strives to chalk up fast growth in AI

The National Information Society Agency (NIA) announced on April 30 that it would disclose more than 300 artificial intelligence learning data sets at the AI Hub through July.

Together with the country’s Ministry of Science and ICT, the state-backed NIA will enable all interested people and enterprises to use the data types amounting to 310.

The data sets are about 14 major areas, such as robotics, manufacturing, finance, and education, to name but a few.

The project is geared toward chalking up fast growth in the potential-loaded AI technology.

Since 2020, the NIA has cooperated with the ministry to build new data sets and unveil them via the AI Hub, which attracted more than 1 million visitors last year.

In particular, the world strives to preempt the AI competition with the advent of ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot of OpenAI, late last month.

Winning the hearts and minds of people, the chatbot solution caused international rivalry in developing new AI programs.

Established in the 1980s to underpin the country’s computerization and informatization, the NIA has played an active role in Korea’s fast growth in digital and info-tech businesses.

The state-backed agency, which is headed by President Hwang Jong-sung, also has worked on cutting-edge technologies, including AI.