Participants in a data forum between Korea and ASEAN member countries pose at Jakarta on June 16. Photo courtesy of NIA

Korean agency strives to work together in taking advantage of data

South Kora’s National Information Society Agency (NIA) announced on June 16 that it had a data form with ASEAN member countries in Jakarta on June 15 and 16.

More than 100 from ASEAN nations took part in the forum, which was aimed at reviewing the projects of utilizing open data together with South Korea.

Since early 2021, the NIA and South Korean government has led the info-tech projects of opening data of ASEAN countries and taking advantage of them altogether.

The 30-month program wrapped this month, and the results were delved into during the forum.

The NIA came up with a report about the results and proposals on ways of collectively using the data of ASEAN countries.

Korea expects that the project will contribute to the co-prosperity of the country and ASEAN, helping the two sides strengthen cooperation.

Short for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the political and economic union involves 10 member states, including Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia.

“The forum will be a significant catalyst in securing collaboration between the two parties in building governance structure and data infrastructure to use data together,” NIA President Hwang Jong-sung said.

“We hope that the cooperation will be beefed up through specific action plans.”

Founded in the 1980s to underpin the country’s computerization and informatization, the NIA has played an active role in Korea’s fast growth in digital and info-tech businesses.

The state-backed agency, which is headed by President Hwang, also has worked on cutting-edge technologies, including AI.