The BridgeSoft CEO Kim Nam-gyu, left, shakes hands with MVSoft chief after signing a memorandum of understanding in Serbia. Photo courtesy of NIA

Korean entity vies to export digital government biz model

South Kora’s National Information Society Agency (NIA) announced on Oct. 31 that high-tech firms of the country and Serbia signed a memorandum of understanding.

Under the agreement, the two sides are scheduled to put forth joint efforts to tap into the digital government business in the East European country.

Included in the sides were Korea’s The BridgeSoft and Serbia’s content management system company MVSoft.

They will set up a joint research center and cooperate to win the digital government projects of Serbia. In addition, they will work together on corporate collaboration solution software.

The partnership was possible thanks to the ODA program of the Seoul administration.

Short for official development assistance, ODA is a program of the Korea International Cooperation Agency geared toward supporting emerging economies with Korea’s public funds.

This is not the first time for the NIA to support South Korea’s efforts to export its business model and know-how regarding the digital government.

“Currently, the cooperation center on digital government is running in a total of seven countries, including Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Paraguay, Cambodia, Peru, Indonesia, and Serbia,” NIA global business chief Lee Jae-ho said.

Founded in the 1980s to underpin the country’s computerization and informatization, the NIA has played an active role in Korea’s fast growth in digital and info-tech businesses.

The state-backed agency, which is headed by President Hwang Jong-sung, also has worked on cutting-edge technologies, including AI.