For nearly two weeks, the business of government in the U.S. is partially lame. Due to the “shutdown” received hundreds of thousands of state workers, no pay for more – including the staff of the national parks. While many are open about 60 protected areas, but the Service is usually set. For a number of national parks, this is becoming a Problem.

the toilet are closed systems that waste is not left – at the same time, the number of visitors increase, because no more can be conceded. “There is more garbage, feces, and usually miss, as I’ve seen in the four years that I live here,” says Dakota Snider, the valley works in Yosemite. “You look at the Yosemite waterfalls, and prior to that, water bottles and trash bags pile up.” Also, visitors would leave their dogs in areas with Bears is illegal to run free. “It is a law-free Zone,” says Snider.

The Yosemite national Park visitors ‘ garbage sacks out of the car. Faeces and urine along the roads according to the administration on the closure of Camping and rest places, reports the Los Angeles Times. Also, the main road in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks is blocked because of the waste of crowded containers is a threat to the animals and the traffic was building up on the icy roadway. In Utah, protected areas have been closed because of the snow is not cleared.

“We fear that nature can seriously damage and possibly also historical and other attractions,” says John Garder of the non-governmental National Park Conservation Association. Also the safety of visitors could be at risk. “A nightmare scenario,” he says.

tour operators dispose of waste

In Yoshua Tree national Park in California the camping sites close, because there was bickering and not simply ends Ranger. Volunteers try to dispose of garbage in the Park and clean toilet facilities that are still open. “The community holds together,” says Ethan Feltges, who runs a Souvenir Shop in the vicinity, and a toilet cabin in front of it. “Everyone loves the Park. And there are many companies that are of the national Park.”


Also in the Yellowstone national Park in Wyoming have taken over private companies, some of the Service measures, so that your business can continue to run. Because in the Winter almost all the roads within the Park are closed, can attractions most of the visitors like the Grand Canyon only with the help of Guides to visit. Tour operator otherwise bring visitors with snow mobile, buses, and Vans in the Park, clean ways to dispose of waste and replenish toilet paper in the facilities.

“This is not really our job,” says Travis Watt of lake Yellowstone Alpen Guides, “the Park authority usually does a good Job, and we hate to see the employees without a job. But we can handle it.” If necessary, could keep the tour provider the entire winter season.


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