After a month of detention in Japan, the American Ex-Nissan Manager, Greg Kelly released on bail. Kelly is considered to be a close associate of the imprisoned Ex-Board of Directors, the heads of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn.

A Japanese court approved a release of Kelly’s for a Deposit in the amount of 70 million Yen (632.000 euros), as the district court in Tokyo said on Tuesday. An objection of the Prosecutor, the court rejected. Kelly rejected the allegations in a statement and called for an acquittal. He was ill and needed medical treatment. A date for a trial against Kelly and Ghosn.

Kelly’s wife, had previously protested by Video against the detention of her husband. In it, she was “extremely concerned about his health”. Kelly had to according to Reports, prior to his arrest, to undergo an Operation. His wife also stated that her husband was lured to Japan and the victims of a power struggle of Nissan managers.

Only half of the income declared?

Kelly and Ghosn were at 19. November in Tokyo on suspicion of violation of stock exchange requirements. Ghosns income at the Renault Partner Nissan, will for many years be too low given that, allegedly, only 50 per cent have been declared.

Kelly is not allowed to leave Japan after his release from custody. Even within Japan, the Manager only in certain areas.

The pre-trial detention for Ghosn, was initially extended until last Thursday, after the prosecution had filed new charges. The prosecution failed, then your application for a re-arrest for Ghosn. The district court rejected this, what happens in Japan very rare. So it looked at first, as well as Ghosn would come soon.

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the attorney’s office But last Friday, a new allegation – Ghosn is said to have passed the private investment losses on Nissan and adopted again warrant. With the approval of the court, Ghosn may now up to at least 1. January will continue to be interrogated in custody.

Since Ghosn has been arrested, moved the Auto Alliance of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi. The Manager was for many years the driving force behind the Alliance. Three days after the arrest, Ghosns, the Board of Directors of Nissan had deposed him as chief of the Board. The French auto group Renault’s Ghosn remains, however, for the time being as Chairman and CEO in the company. The operations will in future be controlled but by Thierry Bolloré, who previously served as Deputy Director-General.


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