Carlos Ghosn is said to have received inquiries from Nissan and Mitsubishi, without the knowledge of the Board money from a Dutch subsidiary company.

This is the result of a joint internal review, with a shared Renault-Partner. The prisoners at the end of the Ex-Chairman of both companies have sourced from the Nissan-Mitsubishi B. V. (NMBV), approximately 7.8 million euros in compensation money without consultation with the Board of Directors of the joint venture, it said.

“Else suspicious, illegal behavior is” you can not say, – stated in the message of Mitsubishi Motors.

The 64-year-old Ghosn was on 19. November for violation of stock exchange requirements. In addition, he is supposed to have according to prosecutors, private investment losses on the Nissan transfer. Only a few days after his arrest, had him fired, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, as Chairman.

car Manager in prison, The mysterious case of Carlos Ghosn

At Renault, Ghosn, however, is still officially the boss of the group. But now, the French car manufacturer is preparing for a change in leadership. The “best solution for the future leadership of the group will be searched,” said the President of the Renault Board of Directors chief Philippe Lagayette on Thursday. He called the name Ghosns not explicitly.

The Prosecutor’s office had recently raised new charges against the 64-Year-old due to a severe breach of Confidence and breach of company laws. Ghosn is an architect of the auto Alliance of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi. He had saved Nissan from a looming Bankruptcy.

Ghosns lawyer has now submitted again to the district court in Tokyo, a request for release on bail. The court had denied Ghosn previously a release from prison, an appeal, however, the court declined to on Thursday. Up to a process might be months. An appointment yet.


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