The German traffic law in Goslar, calls on the EU Commission, the limit value for nitrogen oxides of 40 micrograms per cubic meter of air scientific review. This is at least in the on Friday at the conclusion of the meeting of experts submitted recommendations. The Traffic experts doubt prohibited, the authorization of the currently applicable emission limit for the imposition of diesel driving.

the traffic law experts from administration, politics, justice, economy and science will advise each year on current issues of transport and law and politics. The recommendations of the experts to be much observed and often reform debates.

According to the day of judgment in the case of Exceeding the limits imposed driving bans interfere with the fundamental rights of the people. Therefore, you should only be arranged on the basis of a scientifically-based limit stated in the recommendation. Already enacted driving bans should therefore be checked regularly to ensure their legality.

Hardware upgrade, paid for by the manufacturer

The traffic law requested from the legislature a Plan for the reduction of all relevant pollutants including nitrogen dioxide. The professionals also require Hardware retrofits for older Diesel vehicles, the cost of the manufacturer to participate.

in addition, uniform Standards for pollutant measurements should be created. Currently, the measuring points directly on the edge of the road or up to a maximum of 25 meters of it can be removed.

The impending and in some cities already implemented driving bans had a discussion about speed limits and nitrogen oxide limits are triggered. A thrust of approximately 100 Doctors had taken care of in the past few days, for more unrest. These were the science of the applicable limits for nitrogen oxide and fine dust in question. The evaluation of the physician group is highly controversial, but triggered at the same time, significant new public debates on the subject.


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