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The British MPs have rejected the Brexit Deal, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, last week, of the then presented by her Plan B is still Plan A, the probability of a hard Brexits increases.

Brexit-Minister Stephen Barclay has warned the house of Commons now, that it could have at the end only the choice between a disordered Brexit and remaining in the EU.

“If we don’t get consent to the withdrawal agreement, the house of Commons in the core of the question is this: is it a No-Deal or want to blow off the outlet?” said Barclay on Wednesday to members of the house of lords in London.

Barclay, stressed that the government play for time. Because you need time for the preparation of a disordered Brexit, there should be no approval for the EU negotiated contract.

Michel Barnier

The Brexit-negotiator of the European Union, Michel Barnier, holds an amicable separation, it will still be possible.

“The preparation for a withdrawal without an agreement are more important than ever, but I still hope to avoid such a scenario,” said Barnier in Brussels. To the British Parliament, Barnier appealed to find a positive majority for a proposal for a solution.

“speak only against a Brexit without a contract, will not stop the Brexit without a contract,” he said. The agreement with the British government, he had negotiated.

Barnier insists on Backstop

For the radical Brexiteers especially the so-called “Backstop” is problematic. He says that the British Northern Ireland will remain for an indefinite period of time in the EU customs Union, should not be able to London and Brussels until the end of 2020, a free trade agreement. This is to ensure that between the EU country of Ireland and Northern Ireland there is no “hard limit”.

Barnier insisted on the guarantee of the open border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. The British Prime Minister Theresa May have suggests of 2017, to avoid a “hard limit” under all circumstances – a Problem that was solely due to the Brexit.

it Came to the agreement would have to be controlled by Ireland in the EU internal market of Goods, underscore Barnier. He suggested, however, that this might be done without a “hard limit”. How exactly this should be possible, remained open.


Barnier warned that the UK urgently before a Failure of the agreement. Then not only the agreed Transition period will cease to apply, while to remain until at least 2020, virtually almost everything. Without agreement, there would also be no basis of trust for future relations between the EU and the UK, said Barnier.

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