The U.S. Senate has on no proposal for an end to the for more than a month of ongoing budget dispute in the USA. Neither the draft of the Republican US President, Donald Trump even the design of the Democrats was able to achieve on Thursday afternoon, the necessary 60 percent majority in the Parliament chamber.

in order for the fronts to stay in contention for the “Shutdown” hardened. In the center of the budget dispute, the since shortly before Christmas, parts of the US government to a standstill, Trumps demand for money for a wall on the border to Mexico.

trump is the Republicans have in the Senate a majority of 53 of the 100 seats. Because of the circumstances, it was expected that none of the proposals achieved 60 votes. It was remarkable, however, that the proposal of the Democrats got more votes than the Trumps: 52 voted for your proposal, only 50 for the Trumps.

The Republicans were about trump’s proposal to the vote, including $ 5.7 billion for the construction of a border wall. In turn, around a Million migrants would have been prohibited, in accordance with Trumps three-years of protection from deportation. The Democrats oppose a border wall. Your draft, which was then to the vote, contained no money for it. The proposal saw instead of a temporary financing of the disused parts of the government up to the 8. February. Time for new negotiations on border security should be created.

Trump has already announced that such a proposal not be approved. He uses the “Shutdown” as a means of pressure – with the aim to break the resistance of the Democrats. These accuse to him to take the American people as a hostage for his wall project, which was one of his main election promises.

More on the victims of U.S. shutdown “You can’t take us as hostages,”

submitted by The Democrats, Donald Trump, at last, even a compromise proposal, $ 5.7 billion had been released, the President has asked – but for an alternative border protection. The Opposition called for a “smart wall”, a smart wall: she wants to invest in drones and Sensors for the Monitoring of the border region. In addition, to be recruited by the additional money for additional immigration judges and border officials.

Trump insists on its solid wall: On Twitter, he wrote before the vote that, without the wall, there could be no security on the border or for the US.

in Addition, the conflict in the past two weeks has been exacerbated by a dispute between Donald Trump and the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi. The Democrat, the lady of the house in Parliament, failed to Trump the invitation for the traditional speech of the President on the situation of the Nation. He stroked her then, a Brief to the U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

Because of the “Shutdowns” are a staff of 800 000 Federal for more than a month in the forced leave or to unpaid work. In the coming days the content will stay with you for the second Time in a row, which is actually paid every two weeks. Because many Americans have little reserves or periodic payments such as rent and daily expenses, but more due, to the sometimes dramatic consequences. Public servants stay away from work because you have to try to earn elsewhere money.

panels give out free food to those Affected. The longer it takes, the more dramatic the situation is. It also alerts are on the increase – for example, from the ranks of air traffic controllers and the Federal police FBI from evil consequences for the security of the country. Thursday, the 34. The day of the longest “shutdown” in the history of the United States.

mainly to Trump the pressure to grow: on Wednesday, In a survey published by the CBS network, 71 percent of respondents said the dispute over the wall to justify not “Shutdown”. 66 percent said that Trump will accept a budget without money for the wall and the government should re-open. The need for a wall, only 37 per cent.


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