“can’t We make after such heinous acts such as in Freiburg, simply continue as before,” said Middelberg. “The deportation of the most serious crime, Ellen, and Gefährdern must now also to Syria, to the test.”

An 18-Year-old was on 14. October has been raped, after she left with the alleged main offender in Freiburg disco. In the Club, she had consumed, according to the investigation of drugs, which made them potentially vulnerable. Seven of the eight Suspects in the case are Syrians, the eighth is a German citizen. Against the main suspect had been at the time of the offence a warrant.

If the situation in Syria “share in each country further improves, returns for a strictly limited circle of persons will not be excluded EN bloc” urged Middelberg. This must at least apply for those who have not “because of individual persecution, but only because of the General threat situation” a right of residence in Germany. “Where a deportation is not possible, you should have the protection of our population takes precedence over a permanent interest of the perpetrators of violence. The example of Iraq, we see that such paths are possible.”

For the civil war country Syria was imposed in 2012, a halt to deportations, which has since been extended repeatedly, most recently until the end of this year. At the end of November the Minister of interior of the Federation and the länder discuss a further extension. Patrick Seeger/dpa

Wendt calls for a harder line against offenders, asylum seekers

Also called for the Chairman of the German police Union (DPolG), Rainer Wendt, has a harder line against delinquent asylum seekers. In an interview with the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” said Wendt: “homicide, serious assault, robbery and sexual offences, the cruel flip side of naive immigration policies and the welcome culture.” Even if most of the male asylum seekers and refugees were totally exempt from punishment, whether they are over-represented in the case of serious offences. Wendt said: “anyone Who belittles this page, or ignored, fueling packages xenophobia and extremism.”

Further, the trade Union Chairman said: “The people want the state does all it can to protect them,” said Wendt. Offenders, asylum seekers, which had been noticed before by deeds, would come “only if they killed or raped. This can’t be the solution.” So the young should be intensively forced the offender that were noticed with the smaller crimes, and only would be tolerated, to stay in the Asylum centres until they could take the exit. Wendt said: “The Federal government’s planned anchor centers were a correct approach; here are those who are not housed, whose identity is established beyond doubt and the crime committed.

SPD-inner politician: “intensive perpetrators, there must be no Tolerance leeway”

Clear words, the former baden-württemberg interior Minister Reinhold Gall (SPD). He called in the “Heilbronner Stimme” (Saturday): “Why the arrest warrant against an adult criminal intensive offender was not consummated, for me anyway, not explainable and must be clarified. A potential lack of staff was not good as a justification, certainly. I don’t see that there is a lack of the enforcement of a warrant of arrest on the back cover of the policy. In the case of intensive offenders, there must be no Tolerance.”

the address of the current Minister of the interior Thomas Strobl (CDU), said directed Gall: “to demand Instead of constantly stricter laws, the interior Minister should ensure that the existing opportunities are used. Strobl creates not, under applicable law, possible actions to implement.” He added: “the fact That he contributes in other cases, even to more confusion rather than to contribute to this enlightenment, makes for a completely diffuse image in the Public. As it is now, following a press conference of PP Freiburg and the Prosecutor’s office, with a private press conference in Stuttgart, leads to further ambiguities. As he pulls the folder of the action, takes him fully in responsibility.”

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Per asylum shows demand for sex education for asylum-seekers back to hej/dpa

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