The controversial poet Katarina Frostenson occurs after months-long dispute from the Swedish Academy. The writer have decided to leave the Academy, told the panel on Friday in Stockholm. Frostenson price stand in the center of the scandal, the literature, the Nobel Academy.

With her, an Agreement had been reached, that you get 12.875 Swedish crowns (around 1250 Euro) per month as compensation. In addition, you get support for it, so she could continue to live in the apartment that you’ve rented from the Academy. They had jointly come to the conclusion that a court follows a meal procedure in the dispute no sense. The Academy pointed to the long-term merits of Frostenson.

The scandal at the Swedish Academy, which awards the Nobel prize in literature, revolves around Frostensons husband, the Director Jean-Claude Arnault, and take care of yourself. Arnault was sentenced in early December by a court of appeal in Stockholm for the rape of two and a half years in prison. In addition, the Academy accuses Frostenson, the winner of the Nobel prize for literature to him in advance blabbed and to have that confidentiality breached.

Frostenson had made financial demands to the Academy for their exit. The dispute has led to several resignations and, ultimately, to the fact that in the past year, not a Nobel prize for literature was awarded.


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