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British MPs from various political parties seem to work, a decision on the Brexit delay. The reported British media. Prime Minister Theresa May wants to present to the British Parliament on Monday, their Plan B.

according to The Reports, a cross-party group wants to bring under the leadership of the Labour MPs Yvette Cooper and Conservative Nick Boles an Amendment for further negotiations with the EU, should the Parliament in may’s new proposal on 29. January decline. So the rebels want to prevent a disorderly Britain to leave the EU.

The Conservative Dominic Grieve wants to ensure according to the “Times” with a further request to ensure that article 50 of the EU is exposed to contract temporarily in order to gain time. The article provides for the withdrawal of a country from the Union. As this suspension is to be effected, was from the Text not clearly. Trade Minister, Liam Fox spoke out against article 50 of the suspend. The Parliament had no right to hijack the Brexit process, he said.

The Brexit-the spokesman of the Labour party was open to this proposal, if the UK would leave the EU without a Deal. The only options were a second Referendum or a close relationship with the EU, he told the BBC.

plans for a bilateral agreement with Ireland

The British house of Commons had issued last Tuesday, Mays Brexit-agreement with Brussels a clear rejection. A vote of no confidence on Wednesday, the Prime Minister, however, maintained. On Monday, she wants to present to the Parliament a new proposal.

This should contain according to the “Times”, among other things, plans for a bilateral Treaty of great Britain with Ireland, to avoid the Problem of a new frontier between the British province of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. As this Treaty with EU law is to be compatible, was not told.

In 10 Downing Street – Mays headquarters – it is about the plans of the Anti-Brexit-rebels obviously not pleased. “Any attempt to deprive government of the Power to meet this historically significant point in time, the legal conditions for an orderly exit (from the EU), is in the highest degree of concern,” – quoted by the BBC on Sunday from government circles. There is the risk that the Parliament could stop a Brexit.

government circles that May want to discuss in the course of the day, with your Ministers in a telephone conference on the Brexit.


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