North Korea President Kim Jong-Un is on the long-range missiles programme route according to a report secretly. Satellite images show that North Korea is working niche guide to 16 hidden locations to the Expansion of its weapons and missile Arsenal, writes the New York Times. North Korea does not have this disclosed and deceive the American negotiating partner.

The sheet based on a study of the Non-Profit think-tank CSIS (center for strategic and international studies). “It’s not that these bases were decommissioned,” said Victor Cha, the head of the team that analysed the satellite images. His Co-Author, Joseph S. Bermudez Jr. said to be the Motivation of North Korea’s licenses, their skills continue to expand. “Each rocket on these military bases can carry a nuclear warhead,” he said.

the discovered locations there devices no Start-up, and some of them were very rudimentary, it said in the report. They showed the extent of the North Korean missile program, and the determination to keep this a secret, the authors wrote.

The report shows, among other things, the missile base Sakkanmol, a little more than 80 kilometers North of the demilitarized Zone between the two States. It is one of the closest to South Korea nearby points of support. The South Korean capital of Seoul is located only 130 kilometres.

The images are to entrances to tunnel systems show

On the images of the entrance to the base building, security zones, and entrances to an underground tunnel system, in which rockets, and transportation vehicles store. According to the CSIS report Sakkanmol will comprise seven elongated Tunnel in which up to 18 missiles hidden could be.

The report also shows the locations where the Intercontinental ballistic missiles to camps, which North Korea had tested in 2017. “These places are definitely active,” said Cha.

US President Donald Trump regularly speaks of large progress in the talks with North Korea. In June he was in Singapore with North Korea’s rulers Kim Jong Un made a historic summit. Kim had expressed its will for nuclear disarmament. He has so far made no specific Commitments on when and how its existing nuclear weapons and missile Arsenal is dismantled. Also, it is still unclear how the appearance of services in the United States. In the next few months a second Meeting Trumps is to take place with Kim.

Originally had to US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, a few days ago in New York with North Korea’s chief negotiator Kim Yong Chol meeting, the second summit to prepare. The Meeting was, however, in the short term postponed to an undetermined date.

Trump sold his North Korea policy for months as a great success. The New York Times wrote citing the new evidence, the North Korean leadership food the U.S. government to meet conscious with little ones, while you force behind the Scenes, an Expansion of its own missile Arsenal.

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