He regretted that he had not come in the end of the year, as agreed in Seoul, writes Kim in a Sunday known Letter to the South Korean President, Moon Jae In. Kim expressed his “strong determination” to do this in the new year. He hope to have frequent Meetings with the Moon in the new year.

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un wants to travel Writing is that in the new year for the first time for talks in the South Korean capital, Seoul. Goal of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, so the destruction of nuclear weapons.

In the past few months, after three summits between Moon and Kim, have relaxed the ties between the two countries. The Meeting fuelled the hope for economic relaxation; North Korea seeks to ensure that international trade sanctions are lifted.

military de-escalation was agreed: mines and weapons on the border are to be reduced, a buffer zone be set up without military activity.

The Korean countries are still in a state of war. The fighting ended in 1953 with a cease-fire. A peace Treaty, there is not but.


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