at The end of his visit to China, North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un is his proximity to the leadership in Beijing emphasized. The relations between the two countries had been promoted in the past year, “a new High,” he said, according to China’s state-run Xinhua news Agency after a Meeting with Xi Jinping in Beijing.

The Chinese leader spoke, therefore, of a “new historic Chapter” in the mutual relations. The visit of Kim took place according to Xinhua, in “a friendly atmosphere”.

Kim had already finished on Wednesday his two-day visit to the neighbouring country – the fourth within ten months. First information about the content of the conversations published in Beijing on Thursday.

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According to experts, Kim’s trip also served, prior to the scheduled summit meeting with US President Donald Trump with the Chinese leadership vote (more on the reasons behind the trip, click here). According to Xinhua, Kim promised that his country would strive for the planned summit meeting, “to achieve results are welcomed by the international community”. Xi said he hoped that both countries will meet in the negotiations, “half-way”. And: He saw a “rare historic opportunity” for an agreement on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea is internationally isolated to a large extent. China is the closest ally of Pyongyang and a major player in the negotiations on nuclear disarmament in North Korea. China is ready to play a “positive and constructive role” in the denuclearization of the Peninsula, said Xi.

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attended The negotiations on the denuclearization of North Korea were Stalled. According to Trump, Pyongyang and Washington after the historic summit last June in Singapore, is currently a second Meeting. A date for the planned meeting, there is not yet.

President of South Korea, Moon Jae-In said on Thursday, the Trump-Kim summit would be held “soon” and, together with Kim’s upcoming visit to Seoul, a breakthrough in the peace negotiations on the Korean semi-island. He will also try to resolve the Problem of international sanctions against Pyongyang “as soon as possible”.

In Singapore, had agreed to Kim and Trump to a “complete denuclearization” of North Korea. However, the U.S. government calls for more action from Pyongyang, while Kim already has initiated steps for his government and an end to the economic seeking sanctions against his country.

finally, Kim had known in his new year’s address to a lasting peace, however, also explained: Should Washington continue to focus on sanctions, will find a way to defend its interests. Some observers evaluated this as a sign that Kim wants to now focus even more closely on China.


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