The police after a beating attack on a 17-Year-old during a folk high school course in Goch four suspects. In it were three young men aged 19, 21 and 22 years of age and a 17-year-old youth, police said Kleve. To the subject, the investigators made so far.

The three young men stormed on Wednesday evening in the VHS course and targeted to the youth will be started. With impact you had sticks on the 17-Year-old struck, police said. Also when he tried to escape and crashed in the ground, have not discharged the group from him. One of the perpetrators had violated the victim with a so-called airsoft-gun on the back.

The youth was able to leave after an outpatient treatment, the hospital. According to police, he stated after the attack that out of his jacket, money and a cell phone stolen.

The other students and a retired teacher had not intervened out of fear of the airsoft gun. Some of the students want to have recognized three of the four attackers. They brought the investigators on the trail of the arrested suspects, said a police spokesman.


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