In June of 2018 were born in Belfast Zoo two Red Pandas. A great breeding success for the operator of the facility on the northeastern slope of the 370-Meter-high Basaltic cave hill.

for the turn of the year, the zoo’s staff had noticed that the couple was becoming increasingly adventurous. Now, one of the two has, apparently, and made a “spontaneous holiday” from the Zoo, such as the police service of Northern Ireland, joked on her Facebook Account. “He’s probably looking around in the beautiful Glen Gormley.”

The police called on residents of the Region to report to, should they discover the animal. You are warned to approach the Panda, because he was aggressive, but in the cornered could feel. “Our curious friend is not familiar with the rules of the road, therefore drivers should be carefully, please.”

The twins come from two Pandas named Chris and Vixen. The Zoo, according to Chris 2013 Bergen from the Beekse Safari Park in the Netherlands to Ireland. The female Vixen was transferred, therefore, in 2017 the Zoo of Dresden. Already in 2001 and 2002, two Pandas had escaped from the Belfast zoo. In 2009, it had made a copy from the London Zoo on a tree outside the Gehändes comfortable. In the year 2017, the Edinburgh Zoo was in search of his Red Panda.

Red-Panda-family at the Zoo, Belfast

The Red Panda has many names: He is called Little Panda or Panda or fire Fox. Since 2008, the “Ailurus fulgens” is on the Red list of endangered species. The night-active animals live on the Slopes of the Himalayas in Pakistan, India as well as in southwest China and mainly eat bamboo. They are a little larger than cats, and weigh between four and a half and six pounds.


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