The Greek Parliament has approved the agreement for the Overcoming of the name dispute to Macedonia’s name. 153 deputies voted for the agreement. 146 voted against it. It is a voice, gave attitude.

A similar agreement had met the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras 2018 with his counterpart from Skopje. To the dispute, the Greek government had broken the coalition: The Minister of defence and chief of the right-wing populist party “Independent Greeks”, Panagiotis Kammenos, had stepped down. Then Tsipras supernatant of almost a vote of censure.

The name dispute smoldered, since Macedonia in 1991, as the former Republic of Yugoslavia became independent. Greece refused to accept the country name Macedonia for a long time because its in the North the province is also called so.

Many of the Greeks feared, according to surveys, the neighboring country can make territorial claims on the Northern Greek Region of Macedonia. They are also of the view that the neighbouring state, if he keep the word Macedonia in its name, tear the Hellenic cultural heritage.

As a counterpart to the now-sanctioned change of name will not lock Athens against the accession of this Republic in the Nato, and also the inclusion of the EU accession, to block negotiations.

The Parliament of Macedonia has ratified the agreement, despite similar reactions from nationalist circles already.

In the run-up had protested Macedonia’s rights and nationalist organizations with tens of thousands of people in Athens against the change of name from Macedonia in the North.


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