Norway’s minority government to majority government. Prime Minister Erna Solberg repeated on Thursday with the Christian Democrats, the fourth Partner in their coalition. “This is a historic day. Norway gets its first non-socialist majority government since 1985,” said Solberg after the conclusion of the negotiations in the evening.

Solberg in 2013, the Norwegian Prime Minister. She was, initially, formed a minority government with the right-wing populist FrP. The Christian Democrats and the liberal party had supported the government, but were not directly involved in it. Beginning in 2018, the liberal party of the coalition.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg is hoping for more stability of the center-right government to ease the way for re-election in 2021. In surveys, the centre-left was last updated-Opposition under the leadership of the social Democrats in front.

As the objectives of the new coalition, to include the in addition to Solberg’s Conservative, the right-wing populist progress party and the Liberal party, called the head of government, a sustainable welfare society, the fight against climate change, tax cuts for small and medium-sized enterprises, more support for families and strengthening the internal security. Western Europe’s leading Oil and gas state wants to continue drilling around the Lofoten Islands in the Arctic Region up to 2021, which are also grounds rich in fish.

At the request of the Christian Democrats, the parties also agreed on a tightening of the abortion laws. The Christian Democrats had refused to date because of their rejection of the progressive party to enter the government.


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