researchers on the basis of a DNA sample, the Thesis of the conspiracy theorists, not Rudolf Hess during the Nuremberg trials, was convicted, but a DoppelgangeR. Even U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt is said to have believed in this theory.

Hess was sentenced in the Nuremberg war crimes trial to life imprisonment and had taken in 1987 in Berlin’s Spandau prison for life. The conspiracy theory about a supposed DoppelgangeR relaxing mainly because of Hess’ mysterious flight to Britain during the Second world war.

Alleged peace mission

Hess was flown in 1941 with a plane to the UK – supposedly to negotiate a peace. With a parachute, he jumped in the vicinity of Glasgow. The British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill but didn’t want to talk to a dinner party, to interrupt, to Hess. Instead, Adolf Hitler’s Deputy, was taken into custody. The national socialist Regime told Hess about the action than the mentally deranged, Hitler himself spoke of an “unprecedented breach of trust”.

conspiracy theorists believe, however, that the British secret service, Hess against a DoppelgangeR exchanged, in order to cover up his murder, either by the British or the German secret service, the researchers report in the journal “Forensic Science International Genetics”.

Exhumed the bones of a DNA Test solves the Tsar-puzzle

The future Director of the CIA, Allen Dulles even sent a psychiatrist to Spandau, to determine the identity and the mental state of the prisoners. Also, analysis of the handwriting, the voice and the facial features were not able to convince critics that it was for the prisoner to be the real Hess. DNA analysis did not exist at the time and were not carried out later.

Hess had been in upper Franconia buried. In 2011, the lease contract for the tomb, however, is not extended, because it always came back to the marches of extreme Right-wing. The Remains of Hess were exhumed, therefore, with the consent of his descendants, and burned to ashes, which was then buried at sea. This is also the last opportunity to determine his identity with a genetic test clearly seemed to be.

blood sample from the 1982

However, one of the study’s authors had taken from the Prisoners in Spandau, in 1982, the blood, the researchers are descendants now with the permission of Hess’ DNA samples, generated with a male relative compared who wishes to remain anonymous.

The result is: The probability that the two are not related, was 0.005 percent, the researchers write to Jan Cemper-Kiedslich of the University of Salzburg. “Therefore, the conspiracy theory, which claimed that the prisoner of Spandau #7 was a fraud is highly unlikely and, therefore, refuted.”


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