looking for the best voice of the country lay on ProSieben and satellite.1, five Coaches, with all my body used to the stuff: Mark Forster, Michi Beck and Smudo of the Fantastic Four, Yvonne Catterfeld as the only lady in the bunch, and as a new arrival Michael Patrick Kelly. Why the judges can look forward to even more as the newly discovered talents on the Show, explained to the media, Professor Holger Schramm.

FOCUS Online: Whom will the casting show “The Voice is the use of” more – the candidates or the Coaches?

Holger Schramm: you use is definitely two. But the bottom line is to be useful to the members of the Jury, with security more.

FOCUS Online: Why is that?

Holger Schramm: The candidates participating in the Show therefore something, because they previously simply no one knows. You get two, three months of presence in the media, if you get far. The uses them for a first music product and that is exactly what it is focused. In the case of “The Voice” is the Label of Universal Music behind it. The know exactly that a casting winner is a secure Cash-Cow that yields more profit than it produces costs. Because the first Album comes out, at least in the Top 20, and the high level of expenditure for Promotion, you can save virtually. So a record label can put money in other musicians, where it looks artistically, perhaps, even more potential. dpa/Jörg Carstensen The Coaches Mark Forster (l-r) Michi Beck, Smudo, Michael Patrick Kelly and Yvonne Strahovski are looking for new talents.

winner “could also advertise for yogurt”

FOCUS Online: Why have a record label at the casting winners no longer breathing?

Holger Schramm: The Problem is that the Show of the winners, always the Status of the casting candidates. The key question is what such a candidate has to musically Authentic and the Innovative – and, as the holding in the case of many. That’s why they are replaceable and this is the reason why Universal closes only for the first music product to a contract. In General, nothing more comes after that – if the candidate is not perceived to be surprising, however, as absolutely authentic musicians with their own style and it creates, no longer a large fan base.

FOCUS Online: Why is it the most after the first Album so difficult?

Holger Schramm: The Problem is not that viewers will buy the first music product for the music, but because the candidates are up to in the show emotionally. I was able to empirically show in my studies, that viewers buy, the rarer the Album, the more music Expertise you have. What convinced the casting of the show is that the winner has stirred a week of emotional and you with him, cheer him. In this respect, he could not sell in the end, only music products but also for yogurt advertise.

About the coach

FOCUS Online profit: Why profit on the other hand, especially the Coaches of the Show?

Holger Schramm: The Jury members already have a name. You have already established as an artist and throw your safe profits, if you bring a new product to the market. Because it’s then just a matter of how much more of this music product can be sold, if you get through the casting show an even wider fan base and an even stronger presence in the media, on their music products.

FOCUS Online: And that’s why the album release of a Coaches appointment fit like exactly in the Show?

Holger Schramm: Exactly. And even if the members of the Jury occur with the candidate in the Show in a duet, then sold like so that the Coach can be the candidate to benefit from their experience and is a great experience for the candidate. So it will be placed in the broadcast over. But of course, the effect is that of a Coach to his Song and on his Album, not sold by then better again, because it to buy only the die-hard Fans, but also a few tens of thousands more. A beautiful example of The BossHoss. The there were as a Band, about seven years before Sascha Vollmer and Alec Völkel occurred in the first seasons as Coaches. And then “sold” her Album is so good that you have won for the first Time, the Echo, is awarded according to sales figures. ProSieben Mark Forster at the Buzzer.

FOCUS Online: Klaas Heufer circulation yesterday joked in his ProSieben Show “Late Night in Berlin” in connection to “The Voice,” that you hardly know any of the previous winners. How does this fit in to a TV show that has the reputation that the Coaches will take their talents to the longer term?

Holger Schramm: This is obviously not always the case. The Format is presented in a way that the candidates are very appreciative to deal with them properly. You can see in the Show, only a couple of minutes in which the Coach works with the candidates. I know of people who were at “The Voice” that it is a lot more sometimes, was that the Coach has dealt with them. Were practiced the Songs with other singing teachers. In television images, in which the Coach takes care of came but of course. Also in the case of the Blind Auditions, Yes, everything is to act so spontaneously. But the candidate of the Songs previously to study for days and get a workout, so that the well comes over.

the duration of the dispute the judges: in the past, “a little bit of authentic”

FOCUS Online: A strong component of “The Voice” have become, especially in the first shipments, the quarrels of the Coaches to the candidates. You think that is the right recipe for success, or is irritating to the now too strong?

Holger Schramm: has it tightened up at some point actually. It started already years ago. And I have the feeling that it was a bit more authentic, because it just shows that you wound up with Rea Garvey, for example, with his Irish accent. Then the creators of the Show have noticed, probably, that it works extremely well and you could push a little bit more. Samu Haber had in the last season, the role of the sweet, good-looking woman hero who looked a bit upset, because he had won, until then, never. The Fantas gave the Self-confident, who had won twice in a row and were sure that they win again. And Mark Forster had its duration-Beef with Yvonne Catterfeld, snatch him again and again great candidates Something like this is, of course, consciously used dramaturgically. And the delivery so far very good. But the question is, how long the bears and whether or not the viewers, not to say at some point that we already know. University of Würzburg, The media, scientists, Holger Schramm teaches at the University of Würzburg

FOCUS Online: Among the Coaches Mark Forster is currently particularly active. He not only acts in “The Voice” and “The Voice Kids”, but soon also at “The Voice of The Senior”, where he, in turn, will meet Yvonne Strahovski and on the The BossHoss-Duo. Also, the Vox Show “Sing Song” were all already at the Start. There is not for the German TV enough suitable music talent show judges? Or will you, as the show creators to be comfortable?

Holger Schramm: on the one hand is convenient, and relies on proven and familiar faces. If the station-remember, there’s someone works well, put him, of course. Mark Forster is also in the Girl target audience very well. And one must also say: to be a Coach, is not easy. The need to say to each candidate, something that should be funny and spontaneous, a certain role to fulfill. Mark Forster brings all of this, he may well frotzeln and has self-irony. This is also a very important factor, also Samu Haber and Rea Garvey could very well. So: There are not many that come as the Coaches in question. The artists need to play with it in the sense of the production company, because it is an enter tainment show – and as such made a very good.

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