the interest of the Germans to arm themselves, continues to grow. As Of March 31. December 2018, were reported in the National weapons register more than 610.937 owner of the so-called small arms licence, informed the Federal Ministry of the interior. The were almost ten percent more than the previous year.

31. December 2017, it had been 557.560 – and even then, as in previous years, the number of Small arms licences was increased significantly. By the end of 2015, it was just 286.000.

Who owns such a gun license is allowed to carry around stun guns or pepper spray. To get to him, you must be the age of majority, as well as personally suitable and reliable appear.

“a false sense of security”

The Chairman of the police Union, Oliver Malchow, has warned of problems because of the increasing number of blank firing weapons. “Such weapons, suggest a false sense of security or the higher defence readiness,” he said the “New osnabrück newspaper”. “This is exactly what can make a situation escalate and the user may be the offender.”

The Left pointed out that the Trend for increasing the armament of the course is inversely proportional to the decline of severe violence. The internal expert of the party, Ulla Jelpke, said the newspaper, here will show “the consequence of the fear-mongering by Law-and-Order politicians such as interior Minister Horst Seehofer and the rights of a Hetzer like the AfD”.

In the possession of private individuals are located according to the Ministry last also more the more difficult of the available firearms: in 2018 there were, therefore, almost 5.4 million weapons and weapons parts – 27.000 more than in the previous year. Most of them are long guns, about hunting rifles or shotguns. As the reason for the increasing armament also an uncertainty on the part of many citizens about terrorist attacks.


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