A fight at a S-train station in Nuremberg ended with two teenagers fatally. It has now been adopted at the request of the public Prosecutor’s office arrest warrant against the two arrested suspects, said the police headquarters middle Franconia.

The two victims were caught in the course of a dispute in the night to Saturday on the tracks at S-Bahn station, Frank stadium and a train, been rolled over.

In the case of the death of the victims, according to police, two 16-Year-old from the district of Erlangen-Höchstadt. Another 16-year-old pupil, also rushed to the track bed remained, according to the police, unharmed. He was able to bring in time in front of the approaching train in safety.

according to police reports, there had been between several people on the platform at the train station, Frank stadium to a dispute. What exactly happened and how the three young people were on the tracks, is not known. According to preliminary findings, a “completely trivial occasion, had led” to the dispute, said a police spokesman.

On Saturday morning the first suspect was identified on the basis of witness statements and arrested. Later there was information on the second Suspect.

The accident occurred, many people were on the platform. Several emergency chaplains, and other Care staff cared for after the incident, the present, is it. Two buses had been provided as a protection against the cold. The railway line was blocked for several hours.


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