He had to on his knees to apologize, and had been expelled from the machine, and then demoted – and all because his employee of the subsidiary of the company, heads of nuts in a bag and not in a glass dish had been served.

Now the affair for the Affected Park Chang-jin has found at least a reasonably happy ending. A report by the BBC, according to a court in Seoul has awarded the former chief steward because of the humiliation, Pain and suffering in the amount of the equivalent of 16,000 euros. The amount was however lower than that of Park required. Also, the downgrade from the cabin chief to the simple Steward had to take back Korean Air.

The case had caused four years ago in South Korea, for a major outrage and a national debate about the Korean business system, which is dominated by family companies, the Chaebols known, triggered. Cho Hyun-Ah, the Manager of the flight line and at the same time the daughter of the company founder, had been lost because of the breach of etiquette in business class is completely out of control and even the machine to the Terminal, roll back.

at the time, The 40-Year-old came due to violation of the aviation safety and abuse of power in court and spent several months in prison. Together with her father, she had to apologize first to the public for the incident and had resigned from her Post at Korean Air. Subsequently, the Korean should have tried to Air Management, but once again, the investigations of the government to interfere.


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