The head of Pisa, Andreas Schleicher, has criticised the dealing with teachers in this country is sharp – but also the teachers themselves. “In Germany the school is operating like a factory hall organized,” said the education Director of the Organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD), the editorial network in Germany.

“The teachers are treated far too often as Assembly line worker, whose opinion is not asked,” said Schleicher. In Germany the teaching profession is in the international comparison, financially attractive, but to intellectually unattractive. That is, in his opinion, because the principle applies: “close your classroom door and do not go through the curriculum-to-rule – the main thing is, the parents complain.”

On the question of what good intentions should make teachers in 2019, said the education expert: to fixed Many of the teachers were of the fact that a default or a new Textbook from the Ministry to come. Schleicher demanded instead that: “Every teacher should self-reflect as much as possible about what is the right education to prepare children for the world of tomorrow.”

To the Person DPA Andreas Schleicher is a German statistician and educational researcher. He has headed the Organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD) Directorate for education and is the chief coordinator of the Pisa studies.

Schleicher also called for more team work of teachers. “It must be concluded with the single kämpfertum in the class.” Teachers should prepare more in common classes and platforms specifically teaching concepts to replace. Other countries were more – up to a regular mutual classroom visit.

In ministries will hitherto thought too little about such questions, said Schleicher. He called for: The number of hours of teaching of the individual teacher should be reduced, so that there is more room to make other than normal teaching. However, This teacher is not clear, also, together with colleagues for reforms.

Pisa results: good teachers = good students

Schleicher’s claims for the new year, fall in a time, in a lot of schools have trouble teaching supply at all, because it massively lacks teachers. This is particularly true for certain subjects and certain school forms. Some regions of the shortage of teachers hits harder than others.

According to an analysis of the Pisa results in June 2018 good students depend on performance of well-trained teachers. In Germany, many teachers complained of the study found that over too little time for training and lack of suitable offers.

of Germany to hold students according to the Pisa-results of 2016 and their achievements in the upper middle range – were recently dropped but slightly. In the case of the first Pisa-study in 2001, Germany was cut off in an international comparison, unexpectedly bad, what triggered the “Pisa-shock”. Numerous Controversies about the German school system, and several reforms were the result.

Schleicher, has criticised the education policy of the länder since then, again and again, violently – and rather slow progress on the issue of equal opportunities established.


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