in an emotional way finished Per Mertesacker with a farewell game in Hannover with his 15 years of career as a professional footballer. When the inevitable dip in the Eistonne he still remained cool. In his farewell speech in the center circle of the WM-Arena on Saturday but could and no longer wanted to hold back the world champion of 2014, his tears.

“I never dreamed that I would play in front of such a backdrop. What an adoption!“, he called the 34-Year-old the more than 40,000 spectators, on several occasions of quiet sobbing interrupted. Also thanks to the amazing great backdrop for the twelve-Mertesacker-years in Bremen and London as 300,000 euros for his Foundation to support disadvantaged young people from the greater Hanover area.

The Lack of But in all the euphoria: two longtime companions felt for the 104-time national player like a nasty low blow. Miroslav Klose drew a short holiday. Michael Ballack was even on the scoresheet, but then probably out of fear of asking questions about his criticism of national coach Joachim Löw, “Mertes Homecoming”, the official title, in the short term.

Maybe “the number one or the other

delete””, the are not come, do not deserve Hannover,” said the defensive player of the audience in the stadium, in later Interviews, he was even clearer: “Since I have to think about whether to delete one or the other number. Such Cancellations do not hurt, because it is not rewarded in terms of organization behind it. Especially if you know that four people have worked for months for this day.“

At the after show party but prevailed Mertes ackers joy about a successful conclusion to 534 professional games within 15 years. “This is something that remains forever. I think that people appreciate what I stand for. Maybe I’m a small model, I would be delighted,“ said the 1.98 m longest national players of the German football history.

the Highest recognition of the Central defenders reaped from his long-time team Manager Arsène Wenger, who was visibly happy to come here to Germany. “We coaches ask that the players get the Maximum out of himself. By was in this area a very good example: Always 100% professional and focused. For me a great happiness,“ said the Alsatian, 22 years as a Coach at Arsenal, the German model professional.

Now it’s time for Mertesacker to return to the Gunners, since 1. September he is the head of the youth Academy. However, the return to Hanover in Germany is already planned for sometime: “Because this city will always be my home.”

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