After all, there are the appointment. This is almost the Best thing you can say about the trial of an election in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In the summer, warned the bishops ‘ conference of the country would be worst, if the election fails. Because on the ballot, the country waits in Central Africa more than two years. Place of the appointment, the threat of Chaos, warned the dignitaries.

And as many held their breath, as the end of the week rumors of a shift emerged, which were then a certainty: The choice for the 23. it was planned to take place once a week later.

the day before new year’s eve is now chosen so, in spite of the Ebola disease in the East with its hundreds of fatalities, more than 120 rebel groups in the Eastern provinces and more than 100 deaths in the week before the ballot in the event of unrest in the North-West.

80 percent of the voting machines in Kinshasa in case of fire

destroyed 40 million voters are registered. However, in the case of this number the problems begin. In the raw data of the election Commission of 46.5 million names were verified for six million less. The question for these “Ghost voters,” observers and the people alike. Has not been answered by the election Commission.

And there are other obstacles, all of which should ultimately have to shift the election date. Officially, the speech was at first only of “problems with prepare”. Then, the electoral Commission stated: The large fire in Kinshasa was decisive.

In the capital, where, theoretically, a good four million people could vote for, destroyed in a fire in a warehouse, 80 percent of the voting machines Kinshasa – eleven days before the ballot. A little later, seven people were killed during anti-government protests due to police violence. The loyal to the government Governor took the occasion, all of the campaign events – much to the Annoyance of the Opposition.

a major fire in a warehouse of the electoral Commission on 13. December

Still, it seemed at the beginning of November, when the Opposition have a real Chance: In Brussels, several opposition proclaimed representatives, you supported Martin Fayulu, a candidate of the Alliance’s “commitment to citizenship and development”.

Just hours later, however, the candidate whose emissaries had set up in Belgium actually, on Fayulu reported they fought, of course, all the socialist Félix Tshisekedi of the Union for democracy and social progress, son of the deceased eternal leader of the opposition, Étienne Tshisekedi.

Fayulus campaign has unfolded in part, however, unexpected strength, especially in the Eastern Congo, the spatially and politically the furthest from the capital to the country. Fayulu launched his campaign there, wanted to finish him with a big rally in Kinshasa – but the must be in accordance with the kamapagne ban.

Emmanuel Shadary, Minister of the interior, stands on a EU sanctions list.

remains: Emmanuel ramazani was the photographer Shadary. He is as Interior and security Minister, responsible for brutal Attacks by the security forces and for the multiple postponement of the election date. For this purpose, the EU has him already in use by the end of 2017 with a ban on entry.

Shadary is the preferred candidate of President Joseph Kabila, who ruled the past two years, in defiance of the Constitution, even though he has the two constitutionally allowed terms in office since the end of 2016.

No observers from abroad

the game, The Opposition under Kabila’s power, according to the nature of Vladimir Putin in Russia: A Faithful is nominally President, Kabila can continue to pull the strings. Shadary is Kabila’s last Option after he had to promise in mid-2018 to international pressure and the Insistence of the Catholic Church in an election that takes place now.

International observers, there is no. The Catholic Church, warning voice for democracy in the country, falls the task to monitor with nearly 40,000 observers, the work of the Kabila-government-controlled election Commission.

Martin Fayulu

it is Possible that Fayulu makes the race a little more exciting. But it looks like Kabila in the run-up is sufficient for himself and his cast. After all, presumably the democratic Republic of the Congo, in 2019, will have a new President. And no longer is, after nearly 22 years of Kabila.

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