The panel urged the district Schmalkalden-Meiningen for an opinion, after complaints to the advertising guards were received.

Accordingly, the imprint “ suggest” more than the Slogan “” from the past year that it is in the advertised “superb region” to the buttocks of the players.

“ambiguous Slogans,”

The point of view of the Complainant at the German advertising Council, a vilification since the game would be reduced to their physicality. With the action of the district of Schmalkalden-advertises Meiningen in the southwest of Thuringia for his Region.

Po advertisement was in Volleyball, but also in other sports such as Boxing or football for many years, completely normal. “The football indoor from Dresden, Schwerin and Vilsbiburg and Stuttgart, but also various men’s teams, advertise with ambiguous Slogans on the Po,” said County Commissioner Peggy Greiser on Friday.

athletes as sexy icons

Greiser Advertising finds nothing Offensive in the advertisement. “Trained athletes sexy like Models advertising icons. Since you look as a woman and as a man. And: The Suhl volleyball indoor tough women and seasoned athletes, the decide very self-determined, whether you like it or not,” said the Chairman of the County Council.

The advertising Council had not objected to the previous Po-advertising with the Slogan “”. “The Council sees the imprint of the website on the Jersey of the basketball game pants, not vilification,” it said in January, in an opinion by the expert panel. It was clear that the advertised position of the commercial real estate was meant, the advertising Council.

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