An Ottogi model promotes the company’s large-sized cup-bap product. Ottogi said that it increased the product’s content by 20 percent without raising its price. Photo courtesy of Ottogi

Ottogi provides ready-to-eat dishes with regional flavors

The virus outbreak prompts an increasing number of people to cook at home instead of eating out. And for those who are not good at cooking, there are options like packaged food and instant meals.

As a result, the so-called home meal replacement (HMR) market shows a sign of exploding in Korea. And leading the trend are food companies, including Ottogi.

Ottogi said on September 24 that it had come up with various ready-to-eat dishes with regional flavors.

The country’s HMR markets amounted to 3 trillion won ($2.5 billion) last year. The size is expected to rocket this year due to the virus pandemic,” an Ottogi official said.

In fact, we are a pioneer in the ready-made food in Korea as we debuted the three-minute curry brand for the first time here. We will continue to put forth efforts to offer customized foods for people.”

Ottogi also said that it raised the content of its cup-bap product by 20 percent without changing the price.

Cup-bap is a product that consists of rice in a plastic cup with a variety of toppings. Since the early 2000s, cup-bap has been a popular quick meal for many.

In the past, ready-made dishes were regarded as foods, which busy people can eat conveniently at the expense of health and taste.

During the past several years, however, the HMR markets have seen the rise of quality food as the demand for pre-packaged foods continues to go up.

In particular, the rapid increase in single-person households has accelerated the trend.