It is really common, Many see their colleagues more often than your Partner – but in front of the colleagues, so be honest like home, impossible. Instead, always nice to remain friendly. Implosion instead of Explosion!

Who speaks office German, of the uses often bland, formulaic phrases-like speech, to Express themselves. Especially in E-Mails. “Sincerely” is a classic that appears in some even automatically with the signature. How honest this adoption?

Probably she is usually pretty dishonest. Because, in many cases, one or the other thinks something else entirely. “You are a really lousy boss, I wish you a bad night”, perhaps?

What’s in the E-mail is – and what it really means :

photo gallery “Dear *first name*”

If I’m lucky, do you think now that we know each other personally, although we had never dealt with each other. And then you do what I ask you, because you don’t have a guilty Conscience that you think the same, how and where we met. “thank you for your request”

Sigh. Why me? “I have put Mr. Schmidt in cc”

there are four main possibilities for Interpretation:

1. Hey, Schmidt: YOUR customer! I’m home now! Tschööö then!

2. Schmidt, to make this clear: You’re in the thing, knee-deep in it. And can’t say, you wouldn’t have known about it.

3. (if Schmidt is the head:) Look, chief! I’m WORKING on! I am a good employee? Yes? Yeah?

4. If I already have the work, Schmidt did at least work, and if it is read-only! “thanks in advance”

Either you do this now, or you have a real Problem. And don’t even try to push in, finally, I’ve thanked me already! This is almost like paid. “I hope, I could help you”

The hope dies last. Above all, the hope that let me now finally, finally with this stuff alone. “I wanted to ask if my Mail has reached you”

you know it, and I know that you know it. Of course, you have to get my Mail. And they have NOT ALWAYS RESPONDED! “message I clear to me is that once you”

Yes. But of course, this can take a bit. This year is bad. Let’s see … maybe by the end of 2048, when even the Patience-the night goes down in my seniors group, since it might work. Looks good from so far. “For any questions, I am available at any time”

Yes, but that doesn’t mean I’ll answer you also. It’s just that there’s nothing I can do about it, if you want to send me what. So, just to. “MfG”

have a Look how important I am! I have so little time, I can’t even write “Sincerely”. I also have no time, me an E-Mail-signature purchase that would do this every Time for me. And you are probably already that you would be three whole words of value, you know that, right? “Best regards from Hamburg/Berlin, Germany/the black forest/the Ruhrpott”

We are connected locally and really well. But, fortunately, far away from you. You can find us! Or: Look, how beautiful we have it! And where you sit? Huh? Hmmmm?

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.