In Brazil, has inspired the new ultra-right government under President Jair Bolsonaro with a number of corporate-friendly decisions in the markets. On his first day Bolsonaro handed over on Wednesday by a decree of responsibility for the Land claimed by the native population, the Ministry of agriculture.

He removed the authority for indigenous Affairs and stoked Fears that the interests of the Agarindustrie could in the future count more than that of the Indians and the protection of the environment. Decisions on the privatisation of companies, added criminal penalties for Criminals and a slight increase in the monthly minimum wage harder. The share index of the stock exchange in Sao Paulo rose 3.6 percent, the Brazilian currency climbed against the Dollar by 2.4 percent.

an investment banker as economy Minister

The former military captain and Nationalist Bolsonaro, who with his wife despise, racist, and homophobic Statements for outrage, ushering in three decades of left-oriented governments in Brazil, a new Era. Investors hope that his Advocacy of free markets, Brazil’s economy moving again.

The new Minister of economy Paulo Guedes, a former investment banker, is considered ultra-liberal “Chicago Boy”. He wants to cut taxes and costly social system crop. Bolsonaro, occasionally, as “the Trump of Brazil” is referred to, is a self-confessed Fan of American President Donald Trump. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, attended the swearing-in Bolsonaros in the capital, Brasilia, to cooperate with the new government closely. “We have the opportunity together against the authoritarian Regime,” he said on Wednesday after talks with his counterpart, Ernesto Araujo with a view about Venezuela.

Bolsonaro, US foreign Minister Pompeo

On the stock exchange the shares of the largest Brazilian utility Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras increased by 14.5 percent after energy Minister Bento Albuquerque had announced the partial privatisation of the group. Even bigger of a jump in the share of the arms manufacturer, Forjas Taurus was: The papers were up nearly 50 percent, because Bolsonaro wants to liberalise the law on the Carrying of weapons.


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