the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, has advertised in a keynote speech at the Humboldt University of Berlin for a uniform legal framework for minimum wages and the systems of the basic security in the EU. The competition of the companies in Europe should not be about poor working conditions held, so Scholz. He renewed the call for a European unemployment reinsurance. “We need a social Europe that protects its workers from coming in the Wake of global competition, our social Standards are being eroded,” said the SPD politician.

The Minister stated that he, find the proposal very worthy of discussion, that national minimum wages are established to be at least 60 percent of the national median wage level, i.e. the median income. Concrete Figures he did not name. Recently, Scholz had hit the headlines, as he had endorsed a much higher minimum wage of twelve euros in Germany. Currently, the minimum wage is 8,84 Euro. He is expected to rise in the coming year to 9,19 euros, and in 2020 9,35 Euro.

Scholz has called for deeper political cooperation in the European Union. “Europe must be political, must be stronger in order for it to be taken seriously, and the citizens of Europe as well as from other States,” said Scholz. The Integration of the EU have so far taken place mainly through the production of a common internal market. “This is perhaps one of the reasons that in spite of the still overwhelming support for the European Union, the number of sceptics and populist EU-growing critics.”

The EU should, with one voice

For a strengthening of the European Foreign and security policy proposed to Scholz, in the medium term, the seat of France in the UN security Council in the EU headquarters. “In return France should then have a permanent EU Ambassador to the United Nations. It is clear to me that there is a need for this, certainly in Paris some Persuasion, but a bold and clever goal it would be.” The EU should speak in the security Council of the United Nations with one voice.

In the fiscal policy should be introduced EU-wide minimum taxation for companies, Scholz. “We need to internationally agree on a minimum level of taxation.” In addition, he called for a common tax base for corporate tax in the EU and the Europe-wide introduction of a financial transaction tax for stock exchange transactions. The income should accrue to the EU, whereby national contributions could be reduced.

For the countries in the Eurozone, a Euro-zone budget should be introduced and the existing Euro rescue Fund, the ESM “to a strong European monetary Fund” to be developed. Thus, Scholz presents behind the proposals of the French President, Emmanuel Macron, for he expressly thanked.

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