Finance Minister Olaf Scholz expects a soon-to-be downturn. For 2018, you’ll be able to still show a tax surplus. “But now the fat years are over”, said the SPD politician of the “Bild am Sonntag”. Scholz see from now on, “no contingency revenue.”

Scholz rejected in the interview, the Union demanded the complete abolition of the solidarity surcharge. You’ve agreed in the coalition negotiations, for good reasons, that citizens should have to pay a very high income, more solos.

“Who earns one Million euros per year, would pay through the abolition of Soli 24 000 Euro less taxes. Even I, as a Federal Minister with 180,000 euros-a-year income would save by the complete abolition of about 3600 euros in taxes per year,” says the Vice-Chancellor. This was not “the right way”.

Instead, low and medium income would have to be relieved. Scholz added that he expected that the Union will keep to the agreement. “The necessary law to Soli-abolition I want to submit this year to the Cabinet.” According to the coalition agreement is to be eliminated for 90 percent of the taxpayers of the solos from 2021. For the Federal budget, according to Scholz tens of billions of euros a year.

Scholz is recommended as a candidate for Chancellor

The Minister of Finance planning at the same time higher taxation of large international groups such as Amazon, Facebook and Starbucks, and relies on the support of US President Donald Trump. “This is to shift Income to countries with little or no taxes, we have to stop. I want to prevail, therefore, on the international level, a minimum taxation of companies.” The chances are good: “We are moving the topic, with France and Japan in the G7 and G20. And we have the US government as an Alliance partner on our side.”

To enforce such a global solution has set, Scholz a period of time: “Work that is not up to the OECD Meeting in the summer of 2020, we, together with France, a European solution. Binding from January 2021 EU reach-wide tax rules for international corporations.”

On the specific question of whether it is the office of the Federal Chancellor trust itself, he said: “Yes. Mrs. Kramp-Karrenbauer has just said that from a party Chairman, it is expected that you try the office. For a Vice-Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Same applies. Neither the Union, nor for us, this question is today.”

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